Orders placed after 11/7 will not go out until the week of 11/19!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will this gear last?

I use the best quality heat transfer vinyl. With that said, it is completely dependent on how you treat your clothing. Vinyl can and WILL crack over time, especially on thicker items like my sweatshirts. If you understand the pros and cons of using HTV and follow the care card sent with each item, you'll get longevity out of your gear.

As for the tees, same thing. Rumor has it that triblend gear is not BFF or LYLAS status with dryers. It's a rumor though...

Recommended to wash on gentle, air dry, and use minimal fabric softener. 

If you want to message me and yell for worn tees or cracked vinyl, just know that even the Dos Equis man has heat transfer vinyl crack on him when he disobeys care cards.


2. #SquadGoals...why so confusing?

Not meant to be, but that is the price we pay for basically a custom listing. I receive a lot of messages saying they can't find a #SquadGoals shirt on my website once found on social media. 

Any #SquadGoals item you see on social media is created by the buyer. I take pictures for product photography as well as promotion on my platforms. You won't find a listing for anything already created. 

If you want a specific #SquadGoals item seen on social media, go ahead and order the proper size and we'll talk about the names you would like or a specific tee already seen online. 

As-Is vs. Custom:  As-Is will be a black, short sleeve crewneck shirt with white lettering. Custom is simply anything else. Of course long sleeves and sweatshirts are priced differently.


3. I ordered some gear while my team was in the playoffs, but now they are out, my order hasn't gone out in the mail yet, and I want to cancel. Yes? No? Maybe so?

Well, what kind of fan are you? Of your team or the small business hustle in general? Ok, Nikki Nikki has been put away and Business Nikki is back. 

You can cancel an order within 24 hours. After that, you will receive a refund minus a 15% restocking fee. I have all of my materials ordered within 24 hours of your placed order. No exceptions will be made whatsoever.

This also goes along the same lines of ordering after a win and wanting it before the next game. I am a one-woman shop and depend on my 1-2 week turnaround time. There are of course times when items go out well before that 1-2 week time, but it is more the anomaly. 


4. I keep seeing Bridal/Bachelorette gear on your social media and I want it! How can I make this happen?

Wedding Belles are now ringing around here! The listing has a survey. Complete that and I'll be alerted when you do so. 



5. I saw this shirt on Pinterest/Etsy/Google search and I love it! Can you make it for me?

Girl, bye.