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Small Business Dos and Don'ts- Stanley Cup Edition

Championship games for professional sports bring out the WORST in business owners. As someone who has played by the rules with trademark, copyright, and competitor (if that's what you want to call them) issues, these times make me cringe just a tad. 

This isn't a vent session by any means, but hopefully someone reads this and says "oh man, Nikki is going somewhere with this!"

Pittsburgh sports gear, champyinz

When the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup (my hometown is Pittsburgh for those who may not know) so many friends asked me if my sales were going through the roof. I love the support from them and the idea that they think of my business right away when a team wins the championship! With that said, I have a pretty simple answer:

No! I didn't have an insane influx in sales, but have been rather consistent throughout the Stanley Cup Finals! I'm sure some businesses have had tremendous sales. Many businesses even had a design ready in the event the Pens closed it up- which they did! They launched that design the minute the time clock went to zero. That's great for them...truly. But here is my issue with all of this...

Pittsburgh sports gear, champyinz

There is such saturation in small business whether you make sports apparel, baby clothes, artwork, jewelry, etc.It's how you stand out among the other businesses that deems you successful. I had no plans to make a new design because I want to stand out among the masses and launch it when it counts for my business.

There are businesses that thrive off of copying other businesses and I won't even get into that topic here. Why? Simply put: a copycat can't make a move until you do. You'll always be ahead. 

My other issue with the insane amount of designs coming out after the Pens win the 'ship involves the ones that have no regard for legal matters. I have seen so many tees with the words "Penguins" "NHL" "Stanley Cup" Respect yourself and your brand enough to know that you cannot put those words on gear if you didn't pay for the licensing. You'll only get away with it for so long.

Be smart, be successful, and be original. Dang, that's one recipe for a great business!


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