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Episode 1: Running my own Business

Now that I am officially in my second year as a small business owner, I have some knowledge in my back pocket as well as a lot of wins and equal amount of losses. Also, I have met some amazing small business owners and rely on them as a support system. With this new series, my goal is to share the knowledge I have and invite other business owners to do the same on this forum.

running my own business, what? like it's hard?[print from https://www.cricketlanestudio.com]

Hey, maybe someone reading this has wanted to start their own business and has been too afraid, or someone is frustrated over their current circumstances and thinks they are alone. We have all been there, so let's band together and get to reading.

In my first episode, let's discuss the sheer logistics of starting my business. 

When I first started my own business, I knew I was entering a territory of copyright and trademark laws left and right. I mean... I was launching a clothing line for the sports fans. With SPECIFIC teams represented. How would I get around that without the leagues coming after me?

Research! Research, research, research. And just when you think you couldn't possibly research any further, keep going. I didn't want to work under the radar. I had my eyes on the prize, babe! Take Belle & Whistles to the top, break records in sales, make a name for myself and my business. I can't work under the radar that way and do things that infringe upon trademarks, copyrights, or someone else's creative property. I didn't want to half-ass anything.

Did I research something I basically knew the answer to already in hopes it wasn't true? YES. Did I have moments when I researched with one eye open in hopes that I wouldn't see certain things? YES. Did I question if I should just "do it anyway?" YES. In the end, did I? NO.

I didn't even launch B&W as early as I wanted to for that reason alone and it was worth the wait! 

I don't believe business decisions should be impulsive. I have had internal conflicts with myself in the past over this exact notion. When I get a new idea, I want it in my face finished that day. It's how I have always been and I can't seem to shake it! In business, I worked in accordance with the long game since day 1. Am I the biggest small business? Am I the most successful clothing line for the sports fan? No, no, no. 

NOT YET. But I will be.

What did you go through in the beginning of your business that taught you lessons? Any great tips/advice to give on the topic of starting your business in an ethical manner? Comment below and share!


Meet you at the top!

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  • Love this! When I first started I thought I had to make a little bit of everything and over the last three years I realized that was far from the truth. Instead of making 20 different necklaces, earrings, etc, I specialize in a few pieces and make them the best!



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