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Find Your Passion & ACT On It

Are you someone that wakes up ready to conquer the week on Monday?

Or are you the person who throws the covers over your face in hopes that Monday will disappear?

I'm actually neither! I'm the person that wakes up minutes before her alarm every single Monday and questions like...everything. Am I passionate about going to work? Will I kick ass during the week? How will I stay motivated? Is it Friday yet? ...What is for dinner tonight? I think I question all morning long while I get ready and it gets me focused. 

Mondays are something that made me think about where I want to take this blog as I answer my first question. Am I passionate about going to work? Belle & Whistles isn't my full-time hustle yet so I still grind away 9-5 in my big girl job. I love it, but I LOVE Belle & Whistles more. 

I have had a hard time finding passion in this blog although I love to write, share my thoughts, and talk about Belle & Whistles. I believe this stems from being a one-woman shop. I am the CEO, CFO, CCO, Admin, Receptionist, Customer Service, Laborer, you get it. Right? Right. So adding ONE more thing can seem like quite the daunting task. Throw on writer to the business, sure why not? 

It is something I want to do, truly. It's just a matter of "CAN I!?" I can do anything and I love to live by "you always have time to do what you want." I'm never going to be the business owner that envies other successful businesses, but does nothing about it. I'm all about the action. 

Which led me to this post some more. What is a topic I can find passion in for this blog? How can I love it as much as designing the clothes? I wrote down what I'm most passionate about in this business and kept writing the same thing over and over (and over) again. My customers. I love you all so much it is sickening. 

-You saw my business.
-You liked my business.
-You purchased an item.
-You thought of my business enough to follow.
-You engaged with me on any of my socials.
-Maybe you posted a picture and tagged me.
-Maybe you just wore it out and it made you feel GOOD to be in your own skin.
-Maybe someone asked you what the heck those three letters meant and you were proud to say "umm...obviously [insert sports city here]"
-Maybe you purchased AGAIN. What!?

Can you believe just going over those few possibilities, I get teary-eyed? I'm an emotional person normally so don't get your panties in a bunch. 

I am going to feature a customer (my belles) once a week in an interview format. If you have purchased from me, send me a message so you can be featured here. We can find common threads between us all that will bring us together. If you read an interview and have a lightbulb go off where you say "I like that girl!" or "that's what led me to Belle & Whistles too!" my work here is done. 

I can't wait to get this part of the blog started! 

XO-Nikkipassion, passion project, belle & whistles

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