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Feeding the Soul & Making Things Happen

It's Monday and here I am, smiling & shit. 

It truly is a great thing when you feed your soul so much on the weekend, that Monday comes along and doesn't bring gloom. Even on a rainy day in Philly, I'm not hating today.

This weekend was so.much.fun. Along with my man crush and his nephew, we went hiking to Hawk Mountain. Then we went to Reading for a baseball game. As some of you may know, my guy is a baseball coach so we don't get many weekends free together-especially in the summer. Like, what?! So the quality time was much needed. We even ate some delicious vegan meals that tasted like some stuff we miss the most! Can you say "nachos" any quicker? The Greyhound Cafe in Malvern, PA was amazing and I am craving it now! 

hawk mountain, hiking, on top of the world, weekend vibes

Now that personal Nikki is done, let's discuss business! My new blog feature from Friday (and every Friday moving forward) gave me all the feels as a business owner. I appreciate my customers so much, it really is hard to put into words. Why not make them do it? ::haha::

I don't want to call it a new design, but I have a new listing coming this week in the shop. Still using my handlettering, just in a different way/placement. I hope you all like it. And if you don't, luckily browsers come with X's to abort mission ASAP. I'm also updating two designs that I'm simply not in love with anymore. Stay tuned!

I'm prepping for football season when I know things get a little crazy around here at Belle & Whistles. With that said, get ready for a flash sale this week only applicable to those in my VIP Facebook Group .

Let me know what you did this weekend. Let's rock this week!


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