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Episode 3: Should I?

 The million dollar question I asked myself on a daily basis before starting Belle & Whistles: Should I? 

YES. And don't wait another minute! If you have an idea/product that you are passionate about, don't waste another moment second-guessing yourself. 

For me, it was a hard thing to start and wish I would have done so earlier. What held me back? A pretty simple concept: saturation of the market. 

Ah yes, that pesky little thang. "Saturation of market." You hear it all the time and it's the elephant in the room. Figuratively and literally. It holds you down and is rather all-consuming. 

"Hey Nikki, there are already PLENTY of brands that market towards female sports fans!"

"Niks, how do you expect to be SEEN on any platform just starting out?"

"Yo Nikki- how do you plan on competing with big box stores or established small businesses?"

"Why do you feel like you HAVE to do something like this?"

These were things I heard and asked myself. It was when I finally stopped listening and decided that it was a true passion of mine. I HAD to live it out. I felt like it was my duty to my work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and to everyone else who let people get into their ear and dim their light. And if it didn't work out? WHO CARES! That means I tried and would keep trying in the future. Not working out isn't a failure, it's more so a plot twist. 

Start today! And if anyone asks if you should be doing it, a simple "yes" and hair flip will do the trick. If you have that entrepreneurial spirit within you, you already know how hard it is to keep it quiet and tamed. 

Also, I hope you enjoyed the photos. They are the first time I saw a finished Belle & Whistles product and first time I wore it in public. In those moments, you know it was all worth it and what a journey it has been thus far! 

Let me know your success stories in the comments below when you stopped doubting your ideas and let them come to life!


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