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Belle Feature #4- Autumn



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Autumn has such a big heart, it's truly a wonder of the world to me. She is one of my best, most loyal friends on top of that. I have a hard time finding a moment where she hasn't been there for me, even living on separate sides of Pennsylvania now. THAT, my babes, is a friend. 

I'm so happy to introduce you all to her! She is a small town girl living the dream. She loves all things Pittsburgh and I'd like to think she is the most yinzerest yinzer ever. That might not make sense to...actually any of you, but it's a thing. I swear. Ask her to say "wash" or "iron" and you'd understand. Autumn, can we get an audio of this? Thanks! 

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Yes, I also torture her as a Belle & Whistles model. It's fine. Let's hear what she thinks about Belle & Whistles.

What brought you to Belle & Whistles initially? 
My super cool best friend is the owner.

What have you purchased and where have you worn it? 
I currently have three shirts, three tanks and a sweatshirt.

Favorite memory in your Belle & Whistles gear? 
Any time I wear one of my shirts in a city that hates Pittsburgh.

That last part is definitely true. She has shown me her suitcase when visiting her brother in Cincinnati. She rolls deep!

Autumn's big heart, remember? It is full of love for her friends, food, music, animals, and craft beer. She really lives each moment to the fullest which is something I have loved about her so much. When you stress about little things, remembering how she would handle it makes you much more calm and level-headed.

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How can we get to know Autumn a little more? Put yourself in a room with 4 cats, her hubby, blast Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody, drink either a glass of wine or craft beer (or a Hendricks dirty martini) and you might just be living her life on a random night. Ok, actually return the hubby. He isn't yours!!

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When Autumn isn't working hard as a Histotechnician, you can find her at a concert or dive bar drinking some beers with her hubby or out on the town with her girls dancing and drinking. There is no one more fun than her. 

I hope you all loved getting to know Autumn. Let's end this feature with my favorite part. A quote that means a lot to her: 

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

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