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Belle Feature #3- Alex

Another Friday, another gorgeous belle. Cue the Blake Shelton tunes for her soundtrack, take a bite of her famous muffins, cookies, and streusels, and let's meet Alex!

Whether cuddling up with her guy enjoying pizza and wine, or trying out a new restaurant, you can be sure to find Alex living life to the fullest and I'm here to tell you all about it. 

Alex might just be the prettiest and most down-to-earth girl on this side of the hemisphere. Facts, people. Facts. She also has THE most dreamy Pinterest board and considers herself addicted. Alex found Belle & Whistles through Instagram and I couldn't be more happy that she did! Let's get to know her a little bit. 

pittsburgh sports fan, pittsburgh steelers, pittsburgh pirates, pittsburgh penguins.

Alex is a 23 year old student, counselor, makeup junkie, and pup lover. She has 3 fur babies (Cash, Annie, and Phoenix). Alex is currently working as a Drug & Alcohol Counselor while working on her Master's degree at Duquesne (even though she is Pitt girl at heart).

Smart and pretty with a good taste in clothing. Can't beat that!

Alex has been dating her man crush for almost 8 years and thinks he's the sweetest. She plans on moving to Maryland with him in the next year. Love is a beautiful thing!

Alex is a die hard Pittsburgh fan #H2P . She was also a dancer for 15 years, so she loves incorporating yoga, Pilates, and barre into her workouts.

Let's get a little insight into her Belle & Whistles love.

What brought you to Belle & Whistles initially?

I saw a post on Instagram and was instantly hooked. I love how simple and cute everything is while still being feminine and bad ass. I want to be able to support my boys in black and gold while still feeling cute.

What have you purchased and where have you worn it? 

I have the light grey off the shoulder tee (yinz going dahntahn) and the darkest heather grey crew neck (City of Champyinz). Both Pittsburgh of course and you better believe I took them both on vacation this year! I wear them almost every Steelers Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Saturday... I also got my mom the off the shoulder tee and she's in love with it.

Favorite memory in your Belle & Whistles gear?

My favorite memory is more of a series of Sundays in college watching an afternoon game with my girls or with the fam.

On top of her love for reading, makeup, working out, and crafting, Alex wants to get into photography. If you can't already tell, she is quite the model in her B&W gear so I think she would be so great at that!

pittsburgh sports fan

Alex is clearly a busy, dedicated, and focused gal. Sure, she looks beyond perfect in B&W, but there is so much more to her than style. What does a normal day look like for her?

"A normal week day for me typically includes getting up bright and early to go to work where I run both group and individual sessions, anger management, and do the coordination with rehab services. Then it's off to my 2 hour night class. By the time I get home it's time to get a quick bite, try to fit in a little homework, and then bedtime. But on the weekends I'm usually spending quality time with the family, Sunday family dinner like clock work, or going to visit my boyfriend. He lives in Maryland so most of the time we are exploring the area down there, doing touristy things, seeing movies, and date nights. Sometimes there's binge watching Netflix all day too, I'm only human."

I'd binge watch Netflix with you, Alex! Ozarks, House of Cards, your call!

Did you all know I was in a long distance relationship for about 1.5 years? Now we get to shack up on a daily basis and it has been an incredible 4 years with him. I always feel for the long distance couples! It is hard, but so worth it. All you have is communication so if you can get through that part of the relationship, you can get through just about anything!

pittsburgh sports fan
I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Alex. I definitely did! If you couldn't tell by now, the 5 words Alex uses to describe herself are pretty darn accurate.

Laid back

Until the next feature, let's leave with her favorite quote:

"Be good to people, being good is a wonderful legacy to leave behind"

XO- Nikki

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