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Belle Feature #1- Nikki

The first feature is finally here. Honestly, I'm so excited for this part of my blog. I want to know more about the amazing people that purchase from my business and engage with me on a regular basis. Without all of you, what is Belle & Whistles Let's not wait another second longer.

Meet Nikki!

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I love starting this launch with my best friend. She is a Pittsburgher by blood, Texan by choice, physical therapist, ex competitive athlete who has a love for style, design and fancy things! She is an absolute rock star in all parts of her life. Let's see what she had to say about Belle & Whistles.

What brought you to Belle & Whistles initially?

My best friend is the BOSS! However, all bias aside, I will say that even if she wasn't the boss, I would have purchased Belle & Whistles on the sole fact that the designs are exactly what I was wanting in women's sports clothing.

What have you purchased and where have you worn it?

Tank top, off-shoulder slouchy tees, mineral wash tee, leggings. I wear them everywhere! You can find me rocking Belle & Whistles at the gym, out & about shopping, lounging, traveling and most importantly sporting my colors on the big game day!

Favorite memory in your Belle & Whistles gear?

1. The first top I purchased was the original PIT tank. This tank is special to me because I can remember the excitement of the dream of my best friend coming together into reality!

2. Tex baseball shirt. This shirt holds a special memory because I was visiting my best friend in Philly for the most amazing weekend and got to get dressed up and take pictures at some cool historical sites! Amazing quality time!

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Her answers meant a lot to me when I was reading this. I remember seeing her and my other friends rocking B&W gear and I felt so many different emotions. It was something I wanted for a long time, but wanted everything to be perfect before the launch. Fun fact: I was going to launch the clothing line almost a year earlier than I did, but ended up getting ready to move to Philly and life happened. I'm glad I launched it when I did. I was in the right state of mind with laser focus. 

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Now back to Nikki...

I wanted to know what my belles like to do when NOT focused on B&W. After all, you wear it for one event or day and life keeps going on. You go to work, run errands, work out, ya know...live your life! So what does a normal day for Nikki look like? 

"My day begins with me begrudgingly turning off my alarm and rolling out of bed. It's not that I don't want to work, it's that I love my bed. I head to work where I love my patients that I work with and enjoy the impact I get to make! I may take a moment during work to scroll through some social media, trying to steer clear of negativity #nobadvibez. Work is followed by, making it to my amazing gym where I will do some barre, HIIT or yoga! The day ends with sharing a meal with my man at the table, catching up on our day then relaxing on the couch before bed! Rinse and repeat!"

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Nikki just got married on 7/1, so I'm sure quality time with her now HUSBAND (what the what!?) is super special to her as a newlywed. Don't expect to find her sweating in the kitchen too much. She would much rather have food served to her unless it is her famous stuffed peppers. 

Inviting me over for dinner, Nik? OR invite me out to eat since she loves brisket tacos from a local Mexican restaurant. 

Some more fun information:

What does a Saturday night look like to you? 

Hitting up the bars or stockyards for some dinner, drinks, and more importantly dancing! Drink: margs or crown and ginger if I'm feelin' frisky! You can find me rocking a cute dress with some fun jewelry looking for the people in the bar who are ready to have a good time!

My favorite question that I love to end on. This will be my favorite from everyone that is featured. 

Describe yourself in 5 words.

"outgoing. energetic. adventurous. kind. extra. lol"

I hope you all enjoyed the first of many features! If you are interested in being featured, please send me an email: belleandwhistles.nmm@gmail.com


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